Thursday, January 16, 2014

Morning with the Mongo Plant!

Being a working mom is a tiring but a fulfilling role.  Since the latter part of 2013, I made this realization that I should not just balance my roles but I should prioritize motherhood.  After all, the kids are growing up so fast and they need our constant love and undivided attention.  I try my best to give each kid their “me-time with mommy”.  I play with them, read books, create stories, write their names, draw silly characters, and the list goes on.

The other day, I decided to wake up late.  However, K1 who usually wakes up ahead of us, got too excited when he saw the sunlight coming through our window.  He then woke me up with his mongo plant in his little chubby hand!  He asked, more on forced, me to get the mongo plant from him and to hold it where it could get the maximum rays of the sun!

Here is the ever-obedient mom doing what she was told --

Oh, I'm good with sticking with schedules when it comes to work.  But with motherhood, the kids are just too demanding that you cannot say no to them.  How can you resist this curious kid who wants to know the answer in everything?  Well, that is how I usually start my day.

By the way, I saw this article from Yahoo that you can grow Quinoa at home, just like mongo seeds.  Since Quinoa is a staple at home and we have few stocks left, may be I can ask K1 to plant some for us.  That is, if those store-bought and packed Quinoa are still capable of being planted.  Or may be I can ask the hubby to plant some and tease him that he really has no "green thumb" should he fail to grow those Quinoa grains.

Will update once we succeed in making those Quinoa grow! :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm back from a hiatus!

I have been wanting to write but cannot find the time. Instagram took the best of me not only because it is easier to share pictures there but also because you don't have to write anything and just caption the pictures you post. 
Further, since I am sharing more about my experiences as a mother of two naughty and playful kids, I decided to make it more personal by having my journal wherein I write my kids' experiences and my observations of them. That way, there is something tangible I can pass to them when they grow up. That is, if my boys are even interested with mementos. 
To keep the most of the 2014 Starbucks Planner my sister KCL gave me, I'm using it as my journal. Credits to my not-so-little-sis, she's on her way to her 6th SB Planner.  The little one I'm keeping for my hearings.  That little one fits in my purse!
At any rate, I will try my best to update my blog for me to document what ever I come across to. But for the most part, I will be sharing the joy of motherhood and our journey as a family. 

Seen here are my two boys and their cousins who were from the US during the holidays. 
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I would be able to update this humble blog once in a while.
Happy 2014! 😊

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday playdate

It's a Friday and I went home early! For my day to be productive, I decided to fix my sons' cabinets especially because I want to get rid of the clothes and toys they are no longer using. While doing so, I saw new clothes which I didn't know existed. I grabbed them, took off the tags, and shoot them on the kids' laundry basket.

My kids, the sneaky naughty boys they are, started pulling all the stuff that interest them, including the Superman capes they got from their second cousin RL's first birthday. K1 gave one to his brother and they begged me to tie the capes around their necks.

I obliged and they ran around like hyper kids who just had their caffeine fix. Look at these playful little boys --

Just watching these kids give me so much joy! Now, we're just waiting for H to be home. This is another weekend full of rough play! Boys, boys!

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hot Air Balloon in Clarkfield

I'm back from my hiatus! I've been wanting to write but my busy schedule prevented me from sharing what has been going on with my life. To show how busy I am, I haven't had a haircut and derma visit for quite sometime already and I haven't had the opportunity to shop! My mom and sister have been bugging me to have a haircut before the Chinese New Year but then again, I have no time to spare even for my self.

Anyhoo, last February, our small family went to Clark Field in Pampanga to visit my sister-in-law who is currently staying in one of the Villas inside Mimosa Leisure Park. She had the privilege of staying there, not for days, but for months, after she was given a new assignment in their company's branch plant inside Clark.
While the Villas are not new, it is not too old too. She gets to use the three-bedroom villa with centralized air-conditioning system. Yes, electricity is high but I tell you, she gets it free! Not a single centavo to spend!

We got to her villa after dinner and we just slept.  H and I were both very tired because of a week's work.

On our second day, we went out for this year's Hot Air Balloon Festival! Good thing we did not miss it this time.  Last year, all the balloons were up already and we did not see them close. Here are the pictures of my attempts to capture the balloons. Against the light, argh --

We were also able to see some of the planes but we went back to the villa because of the crowd and the scourging heat!

Back to the villa, the little boys enjoyed the surroundings and the park nearby.  They were able to roam freely, touch the leaves, and feel the sand on their feet. As for K1, he freaked when the sand touched his small feet. He doesn't like the feel of the sand. That was the same reaction we got when we went to Punta Fuego a year ago. He didn't want to swim on the beach because he hated the sand.

Next stop, we went to Nayong Pilipino! The last time I've been to Nayong Pilipino was when I was in grade school for one of our field trips. And it was in Manila.

It's just nice to be acquainted with our history!

We toured some more and ended our day duty free shopping. Spending the weekend with our family is something I really treasure and enjoy.  We can see from K1 and K2's faces that they enjoyed not just our trip but the moments we spent with them.  I just hope we can go out on road trips often.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sad Day

This blog was created to document happy memories. However, due to the loss of a member of our family, I will interrupt the otherwise happy posts --

Some days are good, some days are not. Today is just another day until I received a call from my cousin's wife that something terrible happened to our beloved cousin whom we treated as a brother and a friend.

I have several male cousins but K1 only remembers two names and that includes you. Too bad for K2, he'll not be able to meet an uncle as cool as you.

Cuz, I'm sorry that I did not check on you during the holiday season when hubby asked me where you are and how are you. He did not hear from you for some time. He was waiting for your text messages, be it a simple hi or "musta?"

We are saddened by your loss but we have to move on. You will be missed cuz! We know you're in a better place. Where there is peace and where it is quiet. We still can't believe that this has to happen and too soon. We will surely miss you -- our talks and the simple messages on our Facebook group as you are always first in leaving one.

You have to do so explaining, at least to me. As you've always said -- "Talk to my lawyer!" If we can only have one last time to talk to each other, I will definitely treasure that and make the most of that time.

We love you, cuz! Farewell! You will not be forgotten and you will always remain in our hearts!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lego Duplo + Mega Bloks

My kids have a lot to be thankful for and some of them are the toys they have been receiving from our families, relatives, and friends.  We have amassed a lot that one of our rooms at home was designated as their storage room.  K1 would go there, choose the toy he wants to play, and ask her yaya to help him bring it out to their play area.

My kids are fond of Lego Duplo for it is an opportunity for them to be creative and make dialogues for the characters they create.  They have the postman set from my SIL GE from last Christmas, and two sets each of the policeman and traffic policeman from my sister DM from our last visit to them in the US.  Just recently, my SIL EA added the Pooh Set to their collection.  Look at the Duplos of the kiddos --

I am keeping the sets of K2 to avoid them from getting lost.  I would be bringing them out for him to play at the right time.  For now, he should play with those appropriate for his age.

Look at K1 goofing after we made the village --

And thanks to my SIL JE for the table and chairs set
And when I thought we only have the Duplos to collect, two sets of Mega Bloks were given by my SIL GE (which we can add to the Mega Bloks Set K1 received from a relative on his first birthday.)

Looky-looky! 1000 Micro Bloks + 200 Mini Bloks = 1,200 Bloks of fun! And 1,200 Bloks to keep after each play!

For K1 --

And for K2 --

The Micro Bloks --

And the Mini Bloks --

Here are hubby's creations --

And here is K1 showing off the gun which his uncle AA made for him from his Mikro Bloks --

Showing off his Mega Bloks gun and wearing his GAP Coolest Big Brother Shirt

These toys could very well help my kids with their motor skills.  Who knows, one of my kiddos might be an architect years from now! Plus, playing with these toys is a way for us to bond, guide our kids, and simply be with them.

Thank you to my kiddos' benefactors! While I am thinking of ways on how to ensure that their toys are all in order and do not get misplaced, I do not know now how to monitor 1,000 ++ pieces.  I am not complaining, though.  I am happy for them for my kids are indeed blessed for having people who love and care for them!  Thanks again! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Village

During the holidays, we stayed in Tagaytay and we went to CrossWinds - Swiss Luxury Resort to visit the Christmas Village they are bragging about.  It turned out that you cannot go inside unless you are a property owner.  Since we are not a property owner, we were introduced to a Property Officer who would tour us inside to show us the properties they are selling.


The sign to the "Christmas Village" is so inviting that K1 was so insistent to see what is in store for little kids like him and his brother K2.  Look at the bigger than life-sized tin soldiers --

And the gigantic snow globe --


We drove inside the Village and after a few ups and downs, literally since the property is hilly, we saw "Santa's House" --

Hubby and I was a bit disappointed since there is really no "Christmas Village" inside but the lone "Santa's House".  When they turned on the lights, K1 and K2 started running like crazy until they were allowed to go inside where they saw lots of toys.  Here are some pictures I managed to take with my phone.  Too bad I forgot to bring my camera.  K1 took the mic and started singing to his heart's desire and to K2's protestations.  He even wore the boxing gloves and claimed that he is Manny Pacquiao.

Santa's Chair! The kiddos were wondering where Santa is

A scale railroad tracks hanging from the ceiling

While it is a disappointment for us adults not to see a "Christmas Village", K1 and K2 were so happy to be inside "Santa's House" where they saw lots of eye candies.  Now, the kiddos think of Santa's House as a haven for toys!  We just have to remind them every so often that they have to be good boys for Santa to send them toys on Christmases to come!