Thursday, January 16, 2014

Morning with the Mongo Plant!

Being a working mom is a tiring but a fulfilling role.  Since the latter part of 2013, I made this realization that I should not just balance my roles but I should prioritize motherhood.  After all, the kids are growing up so fast and they need our constant love and undivided attention.  I try my best to give each kid their “me-time with mommy”.  I play with them, read books, create stories, write their names, draw silly characters, and the list goes on.

The other day, I decided to wake up late.  However, K1 who usually wakes up ahead of us, got too excited when he saw the sunlight coming through our window.  He then woke me up with his mongo plant in his little chubby hand!  He asked, more on forced, me to get the mongo plant from him and to hold it where it could get the maximum rays of the sun!

Here is the ever-obedient mom doing what she was told --

Oh, I'm good with sticking with schedules when it comes to work.  But with motherhood, the kids are just too demanding that you cannot say no to them.  How can you resist this curious kid who wants to know the answer in everything?  Well, that is how I usually start my day.

By the way, I saw this article from Yahoo that you can grow Quinoa at home, just like mongo seeds.  Since Quinoa is a staple at home and we have few stocks left, may be I can ask K1 to plant some for us.  That is, if those store-bought and packed Quinoa are still capable of being planted.  Or may be I can ask the hubby to plant some and tease him that he really has no "green thumb" should he fail to grow those Quinoa grains.

Will update once we succeed in making those Quinoa grow! :)

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